The book of glances of my life for Sheikh Abdul Rahman Fakieh had achieved the greatest ratio of sales regarding books of “autobiographies” in Jeddah International Book Fair in 2015, which had been held in land events in Southern Obhur.

The book, which its second edition has been put on the market – for the first time- is considered eventful book regarding the life of a citizen in the kingdom which witnessed through nine decades the stages of the tremendous conversion from pre-petroleum age, with its rigidness and lack of possibilities as well as life of poverty and hardships then the discovery of oil with great commercial quantities that led to a tremendous change in the life of Saudi Arabia and life of its citizens. The book gives a honest  account of the role of king  Abdul-Aziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud (may Allah grant him mercy) in ensuring the needs of his people regarding food, medicine and clothes in the darkest times and circumstances that the whole world witnessed because of the Second World War and its consequences of devastation, destruction and blood.

The book mentioned the early life of the author regarding his learning, business and work and the role of  Al masjid al Haram as  a mosque and a university in spreading supreme values and improving the conduct of individuals and groups as well as strengthening family ties and social solidarity.

The author mentioned in his book the role of coincidence, fates and country’s need in his transfer from trading in dyes and silk with his father to the trade of margarine as the first importer of this unfamiliar type of trade in Saudi Arabia, then his transfer to poultry industry in Saudi Arabia.

The author talked about the diversity of his commercial activity in many fields which considered as the first activities to be done by him. He was the first one to merge small and medium slums in one entity then replacing these slums with commercial markets, dwelling towers, restaurants and supermarkets to meet the needs of citizens, residents, visitors as well as Omrah and hajj people. He established Makkah Company for construction as a Saudi corporate company and Jabal Omar for development. This experience became a model to be followed in Saudi as well as abroad.

The author mentions in his book the story of entering the field of investment through five outstanding projects that are considered one of touristic landmarks on the shores of Jeddah, the bride of the Red sea. He mentioned how he refused seductive offers regarding investment outside kingdom of Saudi Arabia because he believes that Saudi Arabia is the only country that have the right to get benefit of his wealth and the wealth of its people because it is only Saudi Arabia that helps and grants its people all good and great work opportunities as well as welfare and prosperity.

Because he likes science and learning, he constructed an educational edifice, that people of Makkah found in this edifice knowledge and education and they captured the first positions regarding results of secondary schools exams and non-summer activities although its early age which does not exceed few years.

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