Fakieh Farms Company signs an agreement to employ the graduates of the faculty of technology.


The faculty of technology in Jeddah has signed a strategic partnership with Fakieh Poultry Farms Company on Sunday, 03/05/1436 AH to employ 400 graduates of the faculty of Technology in Jeddah regarding all specializations that the faculty introduces.

Engineer Abdul Rahman bin Saad Al Sereie, -Dean of the faculty has assured during the press conference that was held at the honor of the agreement that the faculty witnesses the development of its partnership in business sectors regarding the scope of partnerships and private institutions in line with plans and goals of the establishments for professionals and technical training to Cope with comprehensive development.

Al sereie said that the faculty pursues its efforts to expand in these partnerships, and this will procure major job opportunities for the graduates, he added that this partnership aims at employing the graduates of the faculty who have been rehabilitated according to modern standards and international quality in training.

Mohammed Omar Mutair, Director of Human Resources Management in Fakieh Poultry Farms Company expressed his admiration of what he saw regarding training programs and specializations that cope with the needs of private sectors. He said that by virtue of this agreement, 400 graduates will be employed directly, and we will cooperate with the faculty to develop the relation in employment programs and training and to make training courses and cooperative training. He also showed his admiration of the labs and the modern workshops he saw during that meeting.

He mentioned that Fakieh group will grant scholarships to the exceeders to Germany and Netherlands to be trained on modern equipment that the group accredits in its work.

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