Fakieh poultry was the strategic sponsor for the workshop of agricultural development in Makkah, which had the title: Expectations and challenges. During this workshop, his Royal Highness Prince: Khaled Al Faisal has inaugurated number of development projects in regard to the agricultural sector at Jeddah Hilton hotel. Minister of agriculture Engineer Abdul- Rahman Al Fadhly stated that Makkah has prevailed in making poultry industry projects whether for meat or eggs and also the ideal slaughterhouses which located at all governorates and contribute in 40% of the kingdom production regarding this field. His highness mentioned that the workshop will focus on the importance of increasing investment projects in Makkah, whether in fish culture or in poultry industry or plant production because it is very important to focus on increasing the product and the quality of production.

His highness visited the rostrum of Fakieh and paid great attention to the effective role of Fakieh poultry farms. Mr. Mahmoud explained the significant developments in poultry industry in Fakieh Farms and the used up-to-date technology in these farms and its interest in product’s quality so that it reaches the consumer as 100% healthy natural food.     During the conference, the marine hawksbill turtle has been released to the Red Sea waters and it has been granted a new opportunity to live peacefully and naturally after it has been recovered, cured and become so healthy. The hawksbill turtle had much intensive care from the specialists of marine life in “Fakieh Aquarium”. Engineer Jabir Al Shehri, deputy of the ministry of agriculture and fisheries witnessed the process of returning hawksbill turtle back to the Red Sea.


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